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AS Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Customer Service : 1-800-721-6384
Popular Routes: Los Angeles - Las Vegas
Major Destinations Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles

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Take benefit of our interactive map to find out which destination is open to travel and other necessary on-entry formalities.

What do I need to know before flying?

Information is necessary, so be informed about the basic travel requirements for your respective travel destinations, airport entry checks, and more. Learn more about your airlines and their services with our interactive interface.

How to Confirm my Air Travel?

Once you book your flights with us for your destination with an airline, you get a PNR number through a booking confirmation email. Use the information in this email to check whether your air travel is confirmed or not.

Can I make changes after booking a flight?

Yes, if your ticket and the airline allow you to. You can easily make the changes using the online API provided on your airline’s website or call your specific airline agents for help.

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With us; your travel will be within your budget needs. Grab the most exciting flight deals & discounts for your favorite locations.

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Our services are not limited to the day; you can even avail of the assistance you seek during odd hours. Call us at any time of the day and get the answers you want.

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Not only timed help, but our skilled travel concierges are also a highlight. Talk to one of the industry’s best and schedule your getaways.


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Allegiant Basic

Allegiant Basic represents the airline's standard bare fare, excluding carry-on bags, checked bags, and seat assignment. Customers opting for Allegiant Basic still have the option to purchase these services separately.

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Allegiant Bonus

Allegiant Bonus packages combine airfare with the choice of seat selection and either a checked or carry-on bag, depending on the route. In some cases, the Bonus bundle may include complimentary itinerary changes, referred to as Trip Flex, depending on the specific route.

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Allegiant Total

Allegiant Total packages together airfare, seat selection, a carry-on and checked bag, priority boarding, and Trip Flex for a comprehensive travel experience.

Welcome to iAirlinesPolicy - Your Guide to Seamless Allegiant Air Travel!

Embark on a stress-free journey with Allegiant Air, a leading player in the aviation industry, renowned for offering affordable and convenient travel options. Whether you're planning Allegiant reservations, exploring Allegiant flights, or dealing with changes and cancellations, our comprehensive guide is here to assist you every step of the way.

Allegiant Flight Booking: Effortless and Seamless

Commence your travel adventure by booking your Allegiant flight with ease. Our user-friendly online platform simplifies the process, allowing you to efficiently choose your travel dates and select your preferred seat. Allegiant Airlines ensures a seamless booking experience for all travelers.

Allegiant Reservations: Secure Your Seat with Flexibility

After finalizing your travel plans, securing your seat is the next logical step. Allegiant Airlines provides various options for reservations, offering flexibility to plan your trip effortlessly. Utilize Allegiant's user-friendly reservation system to lock in your travel arrangements hassle-free.

Allegiant Flight Changes: Adaptable to Your Schedule

Life is unpredictable, and plans may need adjustments. Allegiant Airlines understands this, providing passengers the flexibility to make flight changes as needed. Whether altering travel dates or adjusting your itinerary, Allegiant’s policies are designed to accommodate your evolving schedule.

Allegiant Flight Cancellation: Navigating Unforeseen Circumstances

Understanding Allegiant's flight cancellation policies is crucial when unforeseen circumstances arise. The airline's straightforward cancellation processes empower you to manage unexpected situations with ease. Stay informed about terms and conditions associated with cancellations for confident decision-making.

Allegiant Airlines Refund: Exploring Your Options

If circumstances lead to a necessary cancellation, explore Allegiant Airlines refund options. Our flexible approach ensures you can navigate unforeseen situations with ease. Familiarize yourself with the procedures associated with cancellations to make informed decisions confidently.

Allegiant Airlines Changing Flight: A Flexible Approach

Life's uncertainties may require changing your flight arrangements. Allegiant Airlines provides a straightforward process for altering your flight details, allowing you to adapt to unexpected developments. Stay informed about procedures for altering travel plans to ensure a smooth transition.

Allegiant Airlines Cancellation: Policies and Procedures

Understanding Allegiant Airlines cancellation policies is essential for any traveler. Whether canceling due to unforeseen circumstances or changing plans, awareness of the procedures ensures a more straightforward experience. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions associated with cancellations to navigate the process seamlessly.

In conclusion, Allegiant Air strives to make your travel experience as convenient as possible. By being informed about Allegiant flight booking, reservations, changes, and cancellations, confidently navigate your journey, knowing that the airline is dedicated to providing flexibility and support throughout your travel adventure. Welcome aboard!

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